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The Morning Sun 

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of the time I would get a byline in my community's local newspaper, The Morning Sun. Luckily, I was able to get more than a single byline. I freelanced for the newspaper for a year, covering both high school sports and news through photography and writing. The Southeast Kansas newspaper prints five times a week, while maintaining a social media and online presence. Below is some of my best work for the local newspaper, including both stories and photos. 


Photo by | Creative Commons

Sudden Oak Death could 

spread quickly, agent says


NOTE: I had a day to cover this breaking news story on the sudden appearance of Sudden Oak Death disease in rhododendrons sold in chain stores in Southeast Kansas. It was a priority to get the news out fast, as the spreading disease had the potential to destroy wildlife, but also with accuracy. 

Plants from 60 Walmarts across Kansas, Pittsburg Home Depot affected

Jorge Narvaez kicks the ball.JPG

Photo by | Nicole-Marie Konopelko

Ministerios el Jordan

soccer tournament

picking up steam 


NOTE: I also got the opportunity to explore sports journalism at the Morning Sun. Every Wednesday night on my way home from tennis practice, I drove by a group of people playing soccer on a field beside a church. My curiosity led me to pitch it as a story idea to my sports editor at The Morning Sun. After he approved it, I attended the event and covered what turned out to be a Hispanic recreational soccer league. The organizer of the event translated some of my interviews from Spanish. Covering this story taught me the value of curiosity and diversity in sports journalism.

Photography was also a big aspect of my time freelancing for the Morning Sun. Below are some of the best photos I took throughout my time freelancing. You can also click on the link below each photo caption to read the article I took the picture(s) for. 

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