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The University Daily Kansan

The University Daily Kansan is a staple of the University of Kansas. I began writing for the publication during the summer of 2019, before my freshman year began, and wrote consistently throughout the fall semester — my first semester at KU. In the spring of 2020, I worked as the newspaper's Student Senate Beat reporter. Below are three of my most significant articles throughout my first semester at the Kansan. 


Photo by | Emma Pravecek/UDK

'Ineffable beauty:' 


NOTE: I was inspired to tell the story of Luther Fuller, an award-winning piano player who has been blind since infancy, after seeing him play at a concert. I spent two days chatting with him and observing him playing the piano to write the article. It ran as the lead story for the Kansan's "Day in the Life" special edition, and received extra play on the website and social media. 

KU sophomore excels in piano — but he can't see the notes or keys


Opposition to Chick-fil-A remains despite chain's disassociation from anti-LGBTQ+ groups


NOTE: When KU's administration renewed its contract with Chick-fil-A, which has a historic track record of donating to anti-LGBTQ+ groups, students and faculty voiced their concerns. When the food chain announced it would stop donating to such groups in late 2019, I asked "What now?" This story came as a result of that question.

Photo by | Rachel Griffard/UDK


Walk-in system for counseling services sees success in decreasing wait times

NOTE: As a journalist, it's important to keep tabs on the progress of administrative changes. In early spring of 2019, KU's psychological clinic (CAPS) implemented a walk-in appointment model. This story served as an update on CAPS' progress on fulfilling its promise of decreasing wait times. 

Photo by | Johnny Meehan/UDK


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