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At The Booster Redux, we place just as much emphasis on design as we do on writing. A story can be beautifully written, but if it's not designed well, it will be ignored. It's because of this that we are constantly discussing how we can make our pages appeal to our student audience through graphics, white space, alternative coverage and more. 


I picked up design during my junior year. My perfectionism was a life-saver when it came to my pages: I would spend hours playing around with spacing and placement to get it just right. As editor-in-chief, I have input on all of our pages. This year, we changed multiple elements of our style to create a more sophisticated look. 


Click the images below to view my work in broadsheet design. When opening the images in expand mode, click the arrows on the left to view the pages in full screen. 

Design input as editor-in-chief 

One of the designs that I gave the most input on was our staff logo. 


Working together, my visual content editors drafted different designs and showed them to me. I gave them critiques and coached them on how to improve after each draft. They took my input and after countless drafts, we came up with our favorite design. 


Click the red buttons on the interactive graphic below to view my feedback on six of the different drafts. 

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