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Sometimes, words are not enough to do a story justice. Especially in this digital day and age, stories can be told using different media. A few videos and photos can make a story much more engaging. 

Inspired by major news outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post, I taught myself how to shoot video in one weekend. I found a subject, interviewed him and shot a video of his passion for art (featured below on this page). After I shot the video in the art classroom, I rushed home and excitedly stayed up until 3 A.M. editing the b-roll and interview footage. It was the first journalistic video we had posted on our YouTube in years. 


I've developed a passion for multimedia storytelling that has been recognized on both the state and national level. 

Multimedia story packages 

After shooting my first video, I began working on multimedia packages, which would include a written story, videos and photos. Each medium would add another element to the story. 


Click the buttons below to view my multimedia story packages. All media is my work unless captioned otherwise.


Photo by | Nicole-Marie Konopelko

Following in Dylan's



Members of PHS's Get Busy Livin' Club are sharing the legacy of Dylan Meier,

a PHS football standout who died in a hiking accident eight years ago. 

*2018 KSPA State Contest — Honorable Mention 

*NSPA 2018 Multimedia Feature Package of the Year — Honorable Mention

Em Wachter_edited.png

Freshman finds her

passion for speaking

without words


A freshman's love for American Sign Language has inspired and helped both her and other students. 

*NSPA 2018 Feature Story of the Year — Honorable Mention

Photo by | Nicole-Marie Konopelko


Scholarship dedicated to

honor Laushman 


A scholarship in PHS vocal music director Susan Laushman's name will be awarded to a graduating senior in the spring. 

Photo by | Hannah Abarca 

Video storytelling 

As my adviser always reminds me, I was the first student on our staff since 2014 to express interest in shooting video.

I learned video by doing. When I shot my first two videos, for example, I wasn't aware that I would need a microphone for good sound, so by the time I shot my third one, I had fixed the problem by using a lavalier mic. I found that my writing abilities helped a lot when I shot video, as I instinctually knew how to frame and tell the story. 


My videos are organized in chronological order from left to right so you can view my improvement and progress over time. 

Junior Jorge Leyva rarely goes a day without painting, sculpting, sketching or drawing.

Senior Hailey Denton tells the story of her high-functioning anxiety.

Junior Brett Wiemers's relationship with his brother, Tyson, who has autism, inspired him to join the Get Busy Livin' Club and volunteer for the Special Olympics Track and Field.


NOTE: This video is a part of one of my multimedia packages featured above on this page. 

This year, freshman Emily Wachter founded the ASL Club to spread her passion for American Sign Language (ASL). The club meets every Thursday, where Wachter teaches the language.

NOTE: This video is a part of one of my multimedia packages featured above on this page. 

On Wednesday, May 16, the Equality Club hosted Gay Pride Day in Angie Pallarés's room. Students participated in activities such as a photo booth, trivia and Pictionary. ​

Junior Steve Maceli has been playing golf ever since he was kid. His passion has led him to the state championship for a second year in a row.

Shooting videos for social media 

Teenagers have short attention spans and I've found that it's often difficult for them to get through reading a 500-word story. It's easier, quicker and more engaging for them to watch a video instead.


That's why I started using my videography skills to shoot one-minute long video recaps of events to post on our social media. Not only did posting them boost our social media presence, but it also provided a different and easier outlet for us to tell stories. 


Click on the images and videos below to view the videos I've shot for social media.

Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 9.25.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-01-23 at 9.28.54 PM.png

Sharing my passion with the staff

Although I enjoyed shooting video, I didn't want to be the only staffer doing it. As I led by example, more of my staffers wanted to try it and I helped them produce their own videos. 


Click the videos below to view them and read the descriptions below each one to find out how I was involved. 

My managing editor wanted to diversify our coverage by including videos and stories in Spanish for our Hispanic community. When she wanted to feature a Hispanic student's passion for makeup, I suggested she shoot a video. I went with her and showed her how to set up the mic, camera and tripod. From there, she conducted the interview in Spanish herself. We posted this video on our "Humans of PHS" Instagram page and our Facebook.

Not only did one of my staffers have an interest in video, but he also planned on continuing his education in film school. I sat down with him and taught him how to shoot. Though he did the majority of the work on this video himself, I mentored him throughout the shooting, uploading and editing process. 

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