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Though my heart lies in writing, I know my stories wouldn't have been as powerful if it weren't for the compelling photos that came along with them. Inspired by the photojournalists on my staff, I picked up photography toward the end of my junior year. I quickly found a passion for capturing emotions with the click of my camera, tinkering with photo techniques and telling long stories through my viewfinder. Photography became a tool I used to complement my stories. 


Last summer, I saved up all of my money to buy my own Canon T6i. Now, after an event ends, I excitedly rush home to edit all of the photos I capture. Oftentimes, I end up posting them on our social media accounts. In addition to The Booster Redux, my photos have also been featured throughout our yearbook, The Purple and White. 

This page is a compilation of my best work in photojournalism. Click the photos to enlarge and read the captions. When opening in expand mode, click on the arrows on the far left to view in full screen.

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