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Opinion writing 

Though I'm a journalist, I'm a very opinionated person.  The Booster Redux has given me an outlet to share those opinions, whether they're about politics, school or life in general. Writing opinion pieces has taught me to embrace the power of my words. My opinions are representative of many of my fellow students’, and sharing them has given them power, too.


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Abusing power 


NOTE: A few days before I wrote this, I woke up to a notification on my phone that Matt Lauer was fired due to sexual assault allegations. Days before, Al Franken, a senator I admired, was also accused of sexual misconduct. Soon enough, men in powerful positions were accused on a daily basis, and I turned my outrage over their actions into this article. 

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The Divided States of America 


NOTE: Last year, after the loss of Hillary Clinton and election of Donald J. Trump, disagreement over political beliefs became extremely common. Our political climate was encouraging personal attacks over logical arguments, and it angered me. In this story, I wrote about how my own teenage beliefs made me a target of numerous insults, arguing that we should, in fact, encourage disagreement and see things from different perspectives.  

Art by | Gabe Anderson

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Photo Illustration by | Nicole-Marie Konopelko

Spreading too thin 


NOTE: My favorite part of opinion writing is using my personal experiences to shape my arguments. In this article, I tell the story of my own stress from overinvolvement to argue that students should cut down on the extracurriculars they aren't passionate about.

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Photo Illustration by | Ximena Ibarra 


LGBTQ+ youth in PHS 


NOTE: My managing editor and I, who spearheaded our LGBTQ+ Pride coverage, wrote this opinion piece. We wrote it to argue for acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community, but also to clarify why we were doing coverage of LGBTQ+ pride in July. 

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